Data & AI Inception Workshop

Data & AI Inception Workshop provides your Data & AI projects to reach targeted success!

VNGRS' Data & AI Inception Workshop is designed to review a company's current situations from a Data & AI point of view, collaborating with company stakeholders to determine the analytical cases that will contribute most to the company.

The Inception Workshop creates a roadmap by prioritizing these cases chosen together. After prioritization, VNGRS provides technology selection and clarification consultancy to prepare the Data & AI processes for implementation.


1. Data-Oriented Business Strategy

Companies face three main problems when implementing their Data and AI projects and initiatives. VNGRS' Data & AI Inception Workshop is aimed at helping you start a project with the right technical and commercial strategy.

Holistic Approach Deficit

Biased Decision Making

Prioritizing the Wrong Use Cases

2. Right Planning & Roadmap

There are six crucial phases to every successful Data & AI project. The first two phases are the most important ones, as they lay out the foundation of the project and ensure that it is born with a detailed plan that will lead it to success.

The Data & AI Inception Workshop can help by creating a roadmap to guide you to take all the right actions throughout the initial and further phases.

6 Phases of Data Journey for a Successful Use Case

Awareness & Initiation Phase

  • Explore the data environment
  • Determine the business strategy by considering data
  • Create data initiatives with aligned stakeholders
  • Establish a Data & AI culture


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Direction Arrows
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Ideation Phase

  • Generate use cases according to business needs
  • Prioritize the use cases
  • Assess & select a use case
  • Assess the business value & the data
  • Deep dive into the selected use case


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Infrastructure Phase

  • Assess the existing technology stack
  • Update the data infrastructure
  • Create the data lake/warehouse
  • Implement the data model


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Visualization Phase

  • Visualize the company’s data
  • Achieve self-service data reachability


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Productization Phase

  • Create a new product
  • Improve product attributes


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Business Result
Evaluation Phase

  • Set up monitoring and alarm mechanisms
  • Take action based on results


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Data & AI Inception Workshop


All companies that have data or willing to collect data

Want to make a difference in the market

Want to determine data driven strategy and use case

Want to reduce costs and increase revenue by improving their efficiency

Data & AI Inception Workshop

Begin Your Journey

Data & AI Inception Workshop provides awareness of your company's data strategy, value, quality, and competence. Moreover, this workshop determines the use-cases and roadmap that will make your company stand out from the competition. Contact us via the link below to create value from data.


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