Your data never leaves you. Data residency solved!

Simple and Elegant

Data Residency regulations, such as those in GCC, often restrict and limit the use
of cloud-based services and applications – unless they comply with all requirements. TTPro solves this problem in a simple and elegant way – by tokenizing all critical data. No data, even in encrypted format, leaves the premises. In other words, it generates random replacement values so that the data stays in the country, and only a random token replacement leaves it. The critical data stays
in the country in which it was generated.

  • Transparent

    TTPro also ensures that the data is unusable in other countries if it falls into the wrong hands. When it flows back from the cloud to its home country, the placeholders are converted back to the original values and delivered to the user.

  • Patented Technology

    TTPro's patented tech tokenizes data for cross-border processing in compliance with data residency laws, preserving data order and supporting various operations like sorting, range querying, min/max querying.

  • Easy to Use

    With TTPro, it is easy to configure for yourself which data should be tokenized or left as plain text. This gives much more flexibility when you’re dealing with the various Data Residency laws around the world.

Zero-Footprint and Seamlessly Integration

TTPro has another big benefit, too: you have a powerful security solution at your disposal that has zero-footprint and integrates seamlessly into your existing IT-infrastructure. 

Only sub-30ms latency added to each connection. TTPro integrates seamlessly into your existing IT-environment and is quick to install – no changes needed to the user or SaaS systems.

The patented template architecture allows you to integrate your SaaS applications, such as banking-as-a-service, and even your own cloud applications.

TTPro's Network Architecture


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