Data Engineering Solutions

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VNGRS’ Data Engineering Solutions offer a comprehensive framework enabling businesses to manage, analyze, and migrate data across various platforms.

These solutions elevate data accessibility, strengthen real-time data integration,
and boost machine learning analysis, setting the foundation for insightful
decision-making and efficient operations.

Data Management & Analytics Platform

VNGRS offers a robust Data Management & Analytics Platform, integrating a data lake and pipeline architecture to centralize and streamline all data-related activities. This platform ensures efficient data management, facilitates instant data transfers for real-time integration, and provides ready access to data for comprehensive machine learning analysis.

IoT Data
Management Platform

With a global cloud infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), VNGRS’ IoT Data Management & Analytics Solution enhances IoT data management and real-time utilization. It supports real-time tracking usage of IoT data and provides advanced analytical scenarios and insightful reporting capabilities.

Data Pipeline

VNGRS’ Modernization Data Pipeline solution optimizes data pipelines for streaming data, ensuring quick data transformation and precise data transfers, vital for businesses prioritizing real-time data processing. In an era where data security is non-negotiable, VNGRS' solution prioritizes the safeguarding of information at every step.

On-prem to Cloud Migration

The On-prem to Cloud Data Migration solution at VNGRS assists businesses in transitioning their analytical

infrastructure from on-premises setups to the cloud,
ensuring a smooth process with minimal errors.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

VNGRS’ Cloud-to-Cloud Data Migration solution is tailored for companies looking to move their analytical infrastructure between different cloud services,

guaranteeing a seamless transition and maintaining
data integrity throughout the process.

Why Work with VNGRS for Data Engineering?

Choosing VNGRS in the realm of Data Engineering ensures a partnership with a dedicated team ready to provide top-notch data solutions and assist businesses in navigating through current and upcoming data challenges.


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