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The hands-on experts of VNGRS provide services within a wide range of industries!

At VNGRS, we are committed to revolutionizing industries through innovative solutions. Our expertise spans across a diverse range of sectors, including retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, technology, and financial services. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in each industry, we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs and aspirations of our clients.

Whether you're seeking to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, or embrace cutting-edge technology, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to propel your business forward.
Discover how VNGRS can empower your organization to thrive and succeed in
today's dynamic and competitive landscape.

Solutions by Industries


  • LLM & Gen AI Application: Revolutionize production processes with GenAI, cutting operational costs and enhancing efficiency. Achieve leaner operations, strengthen production quality and maximize production ROI.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Avoid sudden machinery failures to ensure uninterrupted operations and reduce downtimes. Lower maintenance costs and extend equipment lifespan.
  • Anomaly Detection: Spot unprecedented production patterns early, guaranteeing consistent product quality. Ensure higher product acceptance rates and minimize recalls.
  • IoT Data Management: Build a robust data architecture to manage IoT data, facilitating seamless integration and improved decision-making in manufacturing processes. Accelerate time insight and finetune production strategies.
  • Stream Analytics: Analyze production data in real-time to swiftly adapt to changes and boost efficiency. Respond more rapidly to market demands and curtail waste.
  • Inception Workshop: Shape the future of your manufacturing processes with AI-driven strategies and insights. Stay a step ahead of competitors with visionary initiatives.
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  • GenAI Application: Elevate the shopping journey, creating memorable experiences and fostering customer loyalty with GenAI technologies. Boost repeat purchases and strengthen brand advocacy.
  • Recommendation Engine: Increase sales by offering products that align with individual shopper preferences. Enhance average cart value and capitalize on upselling opportunities.
  • Insight Generation: Uncover invaluable insights into consumer habits, refining marketing and sales strategies. Tailor offerings to market demands to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Estimation: Forecast sales trends accurately, ensuring optimal inventory management. Minimize stockouts and overstock costs, optimizing revenue.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: Categorize customers effectively, enabling targeted promotions and communication. Improve conversion rates through personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Call Center Analytics: Revolutionize retail customer service analytics with our GenAI and LLM technologies. Extract actionable insights from call data, enabling tailored customer experiences that drive brand loyalty.
  • Branch Optimization: Optimize store operations to maximize footfall and profitability. Drive in-store sales and uplift the customer experience.
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Financial Services

  • LLM-based chatbot: Experience next-generation banking and financial support with our LLM-based chatbot. Generate adaptive dialogues using advanced generative AI, offering personalized financial guidance every time.
  • Call Center Analytics: Transform financial customer service analytics using our GenAI and LLM technologies. Dive deep into call data, optimizing financial product offerings and enhancing customer trust.
  • Income Estimation: Accurately predict customer income patterns, tailoring financial products effectively. Refine loan and credit product targeting to boost conversion rates.
  • MLOps and Modernize Data Architecture: Elevate your financial operations with modern data solutions and streamlined machine learning processes. Facilitate faster decision-making and maintain compliance with evolving regulations.
  • Credit Risk Scoring: Evaluate credit risk with heightened accuracy, ensuring informed and safer lending. Reduce defaults and fortify portfolio health.
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  • LLM-based chatbot: Elevate online shopping assistance with our LLM-powered chatbot. Engage customers with personalized dialogues, enhancing their shopping journey and driving repeat business.
  •  Recommendation Engine: Optimize conversions by suggesting products that match individual user tastes. Skyrocket sales volumes and enhance customer satisfaction.
  •  Insight Generation: Dive deep into customer behavior to refine your marketing strategies and product offerings. Design resonating campaigns to boost ROI.
  •  Sales Estimation: Anticipate sales patterns, ensuring optimal inventory and product availability. Reduce stockouts and make the most of peak sales periods.
  •  Dynamic Segmentation: Segment online shoppers efficiently, tailoring marketing efforts for a more significant impact. Enhance campaign effectiveness and deepen customer engagement.
  •  Call Center Analytics: Redefine e-commerce customer service analytics with our GenAI and LLM solutions. Extract deeper insights from call data, optimizing customer support and driving sales.
  •  Campaign & Pricing Model: Craft pricing strategies and campaigns that resonate, propelling sales and fortifying customer loyalty. Optimize profit margins and stand out in a competitive market.
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  •  LLM Applications: Stay at the forefront of tech innovation with AI-driven applications. Differentiate your tech offerings in a saturated market, driving user engagement and adoption.
  •  GenAI Productization: Elevate your tech products with GenAI, enhancing functionality and broadening market appeal. Secure a competitive edge and grow product market share.
  •  Inception Workshop: Visualize and strategize the future trajectory of your tech products with AIcentric brainstorming. Stay at the forefront of innovation and capture untapped market opportunities.
  •  Cloud Migration: Transition smoothly to the cloud, optimizing operations and scalability. Achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and cut infrastructure costs.
  •  Data Management Platform: Construct an avant-garde data engineering architecture, centralizing and optimizing data flows for agile and efficient tech solution development. Expedite project delivery and bolster data security.
  •  MLOps and Modernization Data Architecture: Modernize your tech infrastructure, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations. Stay ahead of technological trends and guarantee scalability.
  •  Call Center Analytics: Optimize tech support with our GenAI and LLMdriven call center analytics. Enhance user experience, reduce ticket resolution times, and drive product improvements.
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VNGRS Solutions by Industries

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