Productization: Inception Workshops

Turning Ideas into Deliverable Products!

Innovation meets execution through our productization process, starting
with Inception Workshops. This foundational phase brings together client stakeholders and VNGRS' product experts to transform visionary ideas
into tangible product pillars.

The Inception Phase:
Nurturing Ideas, Defining Direction

In the inception phase, our product team dives into
the heart of your business aspirations.
Together, we explore key questions:


What objectives drive your product or service?
Are you seeking to expand your customer base,
enhance user experiences,
or streamline task completion?


Within your goals, are there priorities?
Identifying the key goal guides our development focus.

Ouf of Scope

We define what lies beyond the current scope,
ensuring clarity and avoiding distractions.

The Development Flow:
Bringing Concepts to Life

With a clear roadmap, our development team begins crafting well-defined product components within agreed timeframes. Simultaneously, we continuously enhance the backlog for future features. The cycle progresses:
1. Deliverables Presentation: At the end of each timebox, our team showcases accomplishments to the product owner, fostering continuous alignment.
2. Cycle Iteration: We repeat the cycle, refining the product until the backlog is fulfilled or the client is delighted with the outcome.

Forming the Backbone:
Activities and Tasks

During inception, our Inception Team
engages in a range of activities:
Stakeholder Interviews: Understanding perspectives directly from key players.
Need-Finding Workshops: Delving into user needs and preferences.
Contextual Inquiry & Interviews: Uncovering insights through immersive research.
Field Observations: Gaining real-world context for informed decisions.

Simultaneously, our development teams
are dedicated to;

  • Mobile Application Boilerplate

    Laying the groundwork for seamless mobile experiences.

  • Backend Services Architecture

    Creating a robust foundation for scalable solutions.

  • Quality Assurance Framework

    Ensuring a flawless user experience.

  • Analytics Pre-Integration

    Preparing for data-driven insights.

  • Centralized Logging Setup

    Facilitating comprehensive system monitoring.

  • Build Strategy

    Establishing efficient development processes.

Beyond Development
VNGRS DevOps Excellence

At VNGRS, we don't just build; we deliver with excellence. Our DevOps Consultants orchestrate
an end-to-end software delivery pipeline, seamlessly integrating
Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) systems.

What to Expect: A Vision Transformed
At the culmination of the inception period,
you'll have

  • Detailed Product Backlog

    A comprehensive guide for
    development journeys.

  • Robust DevOps Practices

    A refined software
    development lifecycle.

  • Precise Accurate Estimates

    Precise projections for time and cost, grounded in reality.

Why Work with VNGRS for Productization:Inception Workshops?

Embrace the power of Inception Workshops, where ideas evolve into impactful realities. Join hands with VNGRS today, and let's embark on a transformative journey together. Contact us to initiate your next innovation cycle. Together, we'll redefine possibilities.


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