We are ready to transform your world digitally


Helping financial institutions turn the digital revolution into business opportunities.

– Fraud Detection
– Risk Scoring
– Document Understanding & Process
– Automation
– Call Center Optimization
– Personalized Campaign Recommendation


Rapidly maturing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are allowing insurance providers to reach new levels of business efficiency and to produce better business outcomes.

– Damage Assessment Automation
– Fraud Detection
– Maintanence Forecasting


Automate the paperwork, Reduce costs, save time and streamline the processes in your business


Turning complex telecommunications data into valuable insight and competitive advantage.

– Predictive Maintenance
– Self-Optimizing Network
– Optimal Network Quality
– Intelligence at the Edge
– Security Attack Prediction
– Improved Customer Experience
– Churn Prediction


Our AI solutions for marketing and sales fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities.

– Product Recommendation
– Data Deduplication
– Segmentation, Personalization & Targeting
– Pricing Optimization
– Fraud Detection
– Search Ranking
– Customer Support & Self Service
– Supply & Demand Prediction


Personalize your product offerings in real-time Increases of up to 15% in sales and conversion rates


Connect your audience with the content that matters most to them.

– Automatic Tagging
– Text Classification
– Topic Based Personalization & Recommendation
– Customer Segmentation
– Summarization


Transforming all customer interactions into moments of truth and big insights.

– Sales Forecasting
– Customer Segmentation
– Dynamic Pricing
– User Insight & Personalization


To increase efficiency and remain competitive, project managers and manufacturing facilities will require artificial intelligence.

– Predictive Maintenance
– Smart Product
– Asset Management
– Supply Cahin Management
– Inventory & Warehouse
– Facility Management
– Energy Management
– Product Demand Forecasting


An easy-to-use forecasting API 
with high accuracy and flexible customization

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